Prana – Solar Plexus EP
  • Genre:Trance
  • Release date:18 Apr 2016

Prana – Solar Plexus EP

- Track list -
1.Prana / Solar Plexus – FUNKY GONG remix – Written & Produced by Tsuyoshi Suzuki
2.Prana / Solar Plexus – 2016 new kick edit mix – Written & Produced by Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Release : 18 April 2016
Catalog number : MD011

A rare 1994 Prana track from DJ Tsuyoshi’s legendary London era is being revived for the first time in 22 years! First up, Funky Gong – a member of Joujouka together with Tsuyoshi – offers his digital deep and uplifting reworking of the track using some of the original sounds from 1994. Tsuyoshi then lays down a deeper foundation as he offers his own refreshed take of the original track with his ‘2016 New Kick Edit Mix’. Power up and tune in – not only old Goa Trance fans but also the new young generation will be thrilled by the revisioning of this rare old-school masterpiece!


DJTSUYOSHIのロンドン時代の伝説のバンドPranaの94年のレアトラックが22年ぶりに蘇る!今回は、JOUJOUKAのメンバーであるFUNKY GONGのリミックスに、94年のオリジナル曲をデジタルブラッシュアップ!オールドゴアトランスファンのみならず、若い次世代の新次元ゴアトランスの行方を占う上での重要なマスターピースとなる事間違い無し!