Psichi (by Greek Title “ΨΥΧΗ”) Compiled by Fishimself
  • Genre:Chill out
  • Release date:13 Jan 2018

Psichi (by Greek Title “ΨΥΧΗ”) Compiled by Fishimself

Title : Psichi (by Greek Title “ΨΥΧΗ”) Compiled by Fishimself
Label : Matsuri Digital Chill
Cat No. : MDC002
Release date : TBA

///Release info///

ダウンテンポ、アンビエント、そしてチルアウトを愛すリスナーに届けたい珠玉の作品。Matsuri Digital Chillが自身を持ってリリースするこのアルバムを是非、味わって欲しい。

Psichi – “Ψυχη” is the immortal part of a person , means The Soul .
The ten tracks in this compilation compose an ideal atmosphere to enter the emotional and moral word .
These ten tracks are building up an asylum for the mind , the body and the soul so to hide in from today’s rhythms of life. Selected carefully by Fishimself ten never released again compositions with touches from ambient , deep downtempo , chill aggro step , slow motion vibes , eternal melodies.
Our life is fast our music is slower .Welcome to our Soul!
Please check out 10 artistic ambient tracks to journey inner your soul.

///Track List///
[1] Track: ΨΥΧΗ
Artist: Olivier Orand
Written and Produced by Olivier Orand

[2] Track: Juno
Artist: Circular
Written and produced by: Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Bjarte Andreassen

[3] Track: Beyond the Horizon
Artist: Ascendant
Written and Produced by Chris Bryant and Don Tyler

[4] Track : Breaking Point Of No Return (Original)
Artist : Elastic
Written and Produced By : Achilleas Dimitracopoulos

[5] Track: Interconnected
Artist: Cosmic Touch
Written & Produced by: Cosmic Touch (Throat singing by Altai Kai)

[6] Track: Hive Mind
Artist : One Arc Degree
Written and produced by: Ioannis Konstantios and Vasilis Kesalidis

[7] Track: Morphogenesis ]
Artist: Dymons
Written and produced by: Daniel Symons at Alchemy Studios

[8] Track : Astronomy
Artist : Rising Galaxy
Writen and Mixed by: Nikos Betsimeas @ Silent Wagon Studio, Athens, Greece.

[9] Track : Harmonic Oscillations
Artist : Alwoods feat. Alpha Tek
Written and produced by: John Rigas (Alwoods) and
Alkiviadis Tektamelidis (Alpha-Tek)

[10] Track: Slowly Distort
Artist: Olivier Orand
Written and Produced by: Olivier Orand