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Matsuri Digital
Matsuri Digital CHILL

“MATSURI PRODUCTIONS” had established as one of the foremost labels in Psychedelic trance scene. The label was set up in November 1994 in London by John Perloff / Marketing manager, and DJ TSUYOSHI /a influential-established worldwide trance DJ, a founding member of PRANA and JOUJOUKA.
As “MATSURI PRODUCTIONS” until stopped their activities in 1999, label have released a multitude and since February 1995, 14 artists albums, 11 compilations also 3 mixed albums includes DJTSUYOSHI’s.

So now MATSURI come back as digitalized format as “MATSURI DIGITAL” from Tokyo Japan !
We will release singles, albums, compilation album, and organize events, introducing psychedelic arts as “NEW PSYCHEDELIC” movement to this new century to world! Don’t miss it!

Between 2016 to 2017, Matsuri started booking agency “MATSURI BEATS BOOKINGS” and for releasing alternative psychedelic tunes new sub label “MATSURI DIGITAL GROOVE” & for chill out music “MATSURI DIGITAL CHILL” is launched.

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